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Elite 108 Gold

Elite 108 Gold was designed with firm blades that will stand tall over time. This artificial turf has a combination of thick emerald-green and lime-green blades which give it the appearance of a freshly mowed lawn.

Elite 108 Gold.png

Elite 94 Gold

Elite 94 Gold is a high quality turf with jade and olive green colored blades. This turf’s tall pile height makes for an excellent look and feel in your yard.

Elite 94 Gold.png

Elite 82 Silver

Elite 82 Silver is a very plush turf with blades that look like a well groomed neighborhood lawn. With a padded feel, this synthetic turf will stand out among its adjoining plains of grass.

Elite 82 Silver.png

Elite 96 Gold

Elite 96 Gold has a dynamic color palette, giving it the appearance of quality and resembling a well maintained landscape. This product will leave your neighbors perplexed by its constant appearance of a carefully groomed yard.

Elite 96 Gold_edited.jpg

Elite 85 Silver Putt

Elite 85 Silver Putt has a ball roll performance like a professional green while still remaining budget friendly. This artificial putting green can be used both indoors and outdoors. No matter where you use it, the two-tone coloring will make for an attractive look.

Elite 85 Silver Putt.png

Elite 72 Silver

Elite 72 Silver has been designed to handle both indoor and outdoor use. This deep colored, well-balanced product is vibrant and can be used in a large variety of applications.

Elite 72 Silver.png

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